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Snakes in the Toilet: how to prevent snakes in toilets

In recent times, we have seen and even read many reports concerning victims of  bites from snakes and others narrowly escaping the supposed attack.

This is no news again as many people have been hospitalized and more are continuing to battle with the pains inflicted on them by venomous snakes.

Snakes are very scary animals, some people even faint at the sight of a serpent, but this does not change the fact that we have them in our surrounding.

Apart from finding snakes in the nearby bushes or gutters, the scary animal can actually get into our homes if we do not get the right education on how to protect the possible routes of entry.

Snakes in the Toilet

How Snakes get into the toilet

How snakes get into the toilet:

Contemporary buildings are designed with beautiful water cisterns (toilets) popularly referred to as WC, the WC is connected to a suck-away/septic tank  where the pool of shit is banked.

The transportation from the toilet sink after passing out stool to the suck-away  is made possible through a pipeline.

The pipeline directs the excreta to where it is emptied. As the pipes age with time, it will be good to find an alternative or replace them else it may turn out to be the leading way for snakes to the toilet seat inside the house.

The pipes will begin to break open either by human activities or by a natural phenomenon creating small holes that crawling animals can pass through.

Do not forget that snakes are reptiles and can crawl their way through slippery surfaces to the toilet bowl if the surface  allows easy movement not minding the presence of water in the toilet system.

Associated risks and dangers:  

  • Possible bites:

An unsuspecting toilet user who is very pressed and wants to empty his rectum will rarely bother to look inside the toilet before sitting to defecate.

many snake bites have been recorded in recent times from toilets inside the house.

  • Fear of the unknown and general  phobia:

If you have ever seen a serpent in your vicinity before you will quickly relate to this; the worst case is when you were unable to get rid of it, it feels like the crawling animal will reappear again, children and adults will become very uncomfortable staying around that environment.

Think about if a snake is seen inside the house (inside the toilet) this could be the most frightening thing to happen to any anyone. Any movement around may cause unnecessary panic.

  • Death:

If proper medical attention is not given to victims of domestic snake bites, death may occur especially when the venom last longer in the person’s body before seeking adequate medical care.

Sometimes children left at home without close supervision become victims of this unruly animals as no one will be available to raise alarm.

Hospitals maybe too far or even professionals not handy to handle such cases. People tend to seek alternative treatment by using herbs and other self-medications.

Brief about the snake venom:

A venom is the modified saliva found in the salivary gland of the snake, containing toxins called “zootoxins” these toxins serve as the defense mechanism for the predator against the prey.

When it bites the victim, it deposits the toxic substance into the system of the victim which becomes poisonous to the prey/victim.

Snakes in the Toilet

Check out for snakes in the toilet

In the case where the serpent swallows the victim, the saliva containing zoo toxins makes the prey immobile and helps in the digestion of the prey.

According to biological research, the zootoxins are secreted by a gland known as the parotid salivary gland. This gland is not only found in snakes but also in other vertebrates.

How to avoid snakes from slithering up the toilet:

The following tips should be taken seriously in order to control or prevent the entry of this scary and venomous animal.

Check the toilet piping system:

  • Snakes enter through any opening found in the pipes where excreta flow to the suck away pit,  houses found  in swampy areas can be prone to big snakes.
  • Sometimes even when these pipes are buried in the ground, the soil may be washed out with time leaving the pipe open with possible holes, this is where the animal crawls through.
  • You can walk round from time to time and make sure that no part of the tank is open or has a hole, once you notice any form of perforation, it would be good to seal the opening or replace the pipe at once.

Check the toilet  bowl before sitting on it to defecate:

  • It is advisable to look inside the toilet before sitting to do your thing, since you are not sure if the pipes are still good or not.
  • If there is enough water, try to flush the toilet before using  it and watch to see if there is any movement inside.

Use salt regularly:

If you are not too sure that your environment is free from snakes or  even the condition of your toilet  pipes, always pour good measurement of salt into the toilet and flush, you can do this every week. Snakes do not like salty water or places.

Use warm or hot water:

  • Alternatively, you can pour a bowl of hot water into the toilet, the heat should kill and flush out any animal inside the toilet down to the suck-away pit.

Clear the surroundings regularly:

  • Snakes cannot persist in an environment devoid of grasses, they breed easily in nearby bushes and can move easily to the houses close by, since suck-away pipes lie on the floor, it is easier to use the route; the intention is not to harm anyone but to find coolness in the toilet pipes where they eventually find their way inside the house.
  • Biting is just a defense mechanism for most animals.

Clear dirty gutters:

  • Apart from sending snakes away by maintaining or keeping a clean environment, mosquitoes will not find any favorable place for breeding too.

It is important to report issues of snake bites quickly to the available health centers or practitioners for proper treatment.

Raise alarm if you find snakes around and try to even kill any seen snake at once (only if you can).

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