Things to know about quality music production

In the entertainment industry, mostly in the music industry, the most popular people are the musicians, the people seen on TV, the artist performing in musical concerts or embarking on artistic tours. But many things happen behind the scenes without the public really noticing.  One may find a musical video very interesting or an audio track very lit with good beats and vocals; the truth is that, many processes are followed to make the musician sing well. They are many other people who are responsible for different things both in the studio and outside the studio.

Let’s look at the division of labor that leads to a good musical production. Ideally, it is either done by an individual or a record label through a team managed by a Record Label Owner.

Record Label Owner is one who manages and directs the production of musical content in including its marketing and distribution. He/she is also directly or indirectly responsible for managing the artist(s)

The song writer: This person is responsible for scripting the song, a professional song should have a script containing the lyrics (chorus, verses etc.) Most artist write their own songs, but in most cases song writers are hired to do the job.

Voice coach: Professional record label should have a voice coach (Not necessarily another person, a team member who has the skill) can help to give a professional touch on the voices of the artists. If you are a singer, don’t be comfortable with the way you hear yourself sing, be open to criticism and be open to new learnings.

The beats maker: This person is responsible for the sound track, a good song sounds better with good beats, most people even say the beauty of a song is dependent on the quality of beats.

The Mixer: Mixing is a very integral part of music production, mixing helps in sound balancing for better output.

Other small things come to play to create quality music. After the audio production, the release date is set, announced and the audio is made public in due time. In the past, audio tracks hit the radio stations, TV stations and made available in CD plates for easy distribution and sales (Artist particularly made money from the sale of cassettes until it evolved to CD plates and so on.

In recent times, music business has taken a different dimension, once an audio track is released, the video release is done too; this is because artist do not depend on sales of CDs to make money. Many other ways are available to make money from music; which include but not limited to 1) endorsement deals 2) artist concerts/ live shows, 3) music tours etc.

Since the advent of YouTube, Cable TV stations etc.; musical videos are more trending than audio tracks, people would itch to watch the video of a newly released song than in the past; which is why videography should be budgeted for when planning to release your music. Promotion also is very important and should be considered, although upcoming or new artists may find this challenging because of the financial constraints.

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