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Study abroad at no cost: Find Universities with free tuition fees  

Prospective students in the developing countries (especially in the 3rd world countries) dream to travel abroad to study and acquire quality education.

Apart from travelling to study outside their home country, it is prideful to say that one has left to another country (Ordinarily people will consider you more civilized “even though it may not be so true”).

However, the challenge has always been money how to fund the cost of studying in the country of interest. Nevertheless, Trendingblog team have carefully put together some countries where tuition is waived totally (Meaning you can study without paying a dime as school fee).

While due diligence is advised when using this information for your career pursue, we can suggest after confirming from reliable sources that the underlisted countries do not require international students to pay school fees in their universities (Although this maybe limited to Government own “public” Universities).


Norwegian Universities and colleges `are totally tuition free with exception to private owned institutions. While travelling to Norway to study is an option to consider, other factors should be taken into consideration. It is important to understand the cost of living (Local transport, accommodation) it will be good to budget about NOK 650 – 900 per annum.

Fees are charged for special courses for undergraduate programs and considerably higher for post graduate studies.


German Universities only charge per semester contribution of about 50 euros, but since 2014, the country had declared tuition universities to be tuition free, Although  Batten Wutternberg (A federal state ) charges fees or 1000 – 15000 Euros  for bachelors and diploma examination especially for students from the non-EU countries.


Austria charges minimal fee as tuition fee ranging from 260 to 700 euros in a semester, students are required to pay some more fees up 20 euros (approximately) for union fees with exemption of students from developing countries. Proper research is required before applying or even accepting admission in Austria, it is advisable know the total cost of living which may vary from place to place depending on the location of the institution.     


Icelandic universities charge about no tuition fee (as little as 30 – 60 euros), very little right? yes, I think so, but consider knowing the cost of living and other hidden expenses before thinking of pursuing a career in Iceland. Iceland is a country in Europe with 107 localities, most of which the universities and colleges are hosted, some are hosted in the regional capitals. This guiding information is to enable intending travelers to prepare ahead knowing too well that the cost of living will vary from locality to locality or city to city. While studying in Iceland can be a good idea, one has to save up some funds for running cost (Accommodation, feeding and local transport)

Travelling abroad requires some basic preparation, the following should be prioritized

  • Secure admission
  • Secure a visa
  • Have your air fair
  • Keep money for Accommodation
  • Ensure you have enough money to finance in country or in town transport
  • Make your feeding allowance handy.

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Things to know before you decide to study abroad

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1 Comment

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