Nigerian Communications Commission Educates Internet Users On How To Get Protected From Cyber-crime.

Internet users across Nigeria have been encouraged by the Nigerian Communications Commission across Nigeria to indicate interest towards securing themselves from internet fraudsters.

Last Saturday, Mrs. Felicia Onwuegbuchulam, the consumer affairs, Director, National Communications Commissions, said it was important to carry out awareness programs and educate internet users on the risks of internet fraud.

Nigerian Communication Commission educates on cybercrime

Nigerian Communication Commission educates on cybercrime

According to the director, users will get educated and discover techniques in which they can be secured.

Apparently, the body held its monthly consumer Town meeting in Abia state and tackled problems on cyberspace.

Cyberspace has to do with all online actives carried out using personal computers, handsets and tablets.



It is important for the users to get educated and be fully aware of the deceitful habits of some users on internet. Since the internet has to do with most of human activities.

According to Vanguard, Onwuegbuchulam revealed that , there were more than 114 million internet users in Nigeria and 63 million out of the users were making use of 4G and 3G service, as gotten from February, 2019 reports.

 NCC is working hard to bring more measures that will aim at network connections stronger at every part of Nigeria.

The director said, since the use of internet is expanding, the aspects of internet fraud ventures are advancing too. She also mentioned that, as the internet was used for legal activities, others were using it for illegal activities.

She also said that aside the awareness programs, NCC has also introduced a method to set internet industry code of practice for internet users.

The code will be for managerial purposes that will enable the safety of Nigeria’s cyberspace from fraudsters.  It’s going to solve matters like privacy and data protection, child protection and so many others.

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