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Girl burnt by her school Principal over claims of sexual harassment.

In south Asia, Bangladesh to be precise, a girl was set ablaze by instructions from her school principal.

The 19 years old girl by name NUSRAT Jahan Rafi, was reportedly murdered for refusing to withdraw the sexual harassment claims she made against the to the police.

This incident caused commotion across the southern Asia country, and the prime minister vowed to ensure that justice was carried out.

The girl was tricked by the attackers to the balcony of the school, on reaching there, she was asked to

Girl burnt by school Principal over claims of sexual harassment

Girl burnt by school Principal over claims of sexual harassment

withdraw the statement she gave to the police.

According to the senior superintendent of Police, Mohammed Iqbal, one of the suspects said, It was after Rafi’s refusal to withdraw the statement that they poured kerosene on her and lit the fire.

So far, 17 people from the Islamic Seminary school where Rafi attends have been arrested regarding the case.

A video was exposed, showing that Rafi had gone to the police station in March ending to report the harassment but the police station chief waved her away, as he considered it- not a big deal-.

According to Punchnews, Iqbal mentioned that among the 17 people apprehended, 5 of them were responsible for tying her up including three of her classmates.

They said they wanted it to look like she killed herself. Instead, the plan backfired as she was able to go out because the scarf that was used in tying her got burnt.

 Almost her whole body got burnt, so she couldn’t survive the torture and gave up on the 10th of April, 2019.

According to the deceased’s brother, Mahmudul Hassan Noman, the Principal’s family have being on their neck to withdraw the case.

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