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Get a fast Visa to USA: How to process visa to travel to United States – use these tips to pass Visa interview in just one attempt.

Getting a travel visa could be one of the most challenging part of travelling arrangement, this is because different embassies have unique requirements that must be met without fear or favor.

No developed country would want to allow just anybody to their country, which is why you may find the process of acquiring a Visa very rigorous. In this article, we’ll focus on the one destination;

  • United States of America – see our career section for more guide to obtaining Visas to other countries


US has different embassies   domiciled in different countries of the world, meaning every country has an Embassy of the United States of America, this is where Visa applications are processed and issued to people while those who do not meet the requirement are rejected.

Visit the official website for details.

On the website, you will find all the countries arranged in their alphabetical order, for example, if you are travelling from Nigeria, click on letter N, it will show you all the countries beginning with letter N, like Niger, Nigeria etc. Once you find your country on the list, click to see the country embassy contact details.

In this article, we’ll discuss in detail the processes involved to secure a US Visa without being rejected.

Process for US Standard Visa application:

  • Ensure to pay the required visa fee (without this, they won’t schedule you for an interview at the embassy)
  • A valid international passport (Must be valid for six months from the last date of your planned stay in the United States
  • An application form: the use Visa application form has two types
  1. DS 260 (this is for immigrant visas
  2. DS 160 (This is for non-immigrant visas
  • Two passport size photographs

You need the also need following documents:

  • Proper documents
  • A letter must be issued by Doctor
  • Your trip itinerary, this shows how you intend to travel, which specific place are you going to in the Us, when will you return etc. You must also provide proof of where you intend to stay in the United State
  • Documents of your sponsor (If you have a sponsor)
  • Employment details or professional documents
  • Personal details like date of birth, Local Government, Age etc. This will be done using the family document.
  • Each Visa has specific requirements, but the above information must be provided


  1. Tourism visa: This for people travelling for pleasure, maybe vacation, honey moon, excursion etc.
  2. Business Visa: This covers official assignments for cooperate organizations, business trips and other related matters
  3. Study and Exchange visa: This is a type of visa given to people travel to study in the US, this visa like other Visas is time bound for the period of studies except otherwise extended.
  4. Employment Visa: Specifically given to those seeking to work in the United States, employers in the US must provide the necessary supporting documents to the US embassy in the intending traveler’s country before this kind of Visa can be issued. Most of the time, if the job is legal and genuine, the employers lead the process of securing Visas for those they have hired from a different country.
  5. Immigrant Visa: This is for those seeking to migrate and permanently reside in the United State, it may be referred to as permanent residence visa.

All US travel documents are handled by the US Department of State

For further information visit: 

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