Footballer Adebayor Nearly Committed suicide

Former Manchester city and Arsenal player, Emmanuel Adebayor, has opened up on his suicide attempt due to distress from family members as an upcoming footballer



The 35 year old player said, he went through frustrations as he was struggling to become a player in France and he began considering suicide.

According to him, as a 16 year old upcoming footballer, what people back home in Togo were expecting of him was becoming unbearable for him as his young age.

The player said, “I was 16 and all I wanted to do was help my family out but they put huge pressure on me. I could not cope with it.

He said people at home were expecting a lot from him, it was like he was indebted to everybody.

The player went on to say a family unites more when they have nothing, they watch each other’s back more.

Adebayor said, the family demanded a house of 500,000 Euros from him when he was just earning 3,000 Euros a month at Metz where he played.

His behavior was affecting the club and they were getting tired of him.

At that point, he was feed up, he became unhappy with life and that was when he bought lots of drugs from a pharmacy, which initially refused selling to him until he lied that it was for charity back in his hometown.

According to the player he was about taking the drugs, when he called his best friend who discouraged him not to take the drugs.

His friend told him he had the capacity to change Africa. That was when he realized God was protecting him for greater things.

The player has had a wonderful and fulfilling football profession at international levels and clubs. He has played with Arsenal, Manchester City, Tottenham, crystal place, Monaco, Real Madrid and others.

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