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Before we talk about blogging, let’s know what a typical blog is; A blog: is a place (website) where information is regularly updated about a particular topic or area of interest or selected areas of interest for public reading.

Blogging: is simply the continuous process of updating a blog with valuable information on regular basis; anyone who does this is referred to as a blogger. Most Bloggers are copywriters i.e. they create content for the purpose of marketing, promoting or advertising a product/service.


Anyone can start a blog anytime; the good news is that you can start a blog free of charge without paying a dime. The first step is to decide on the type of blog. Blogging is done in two ways;

  1. Niche Blogging.
  2. Multiniche blogging and
  3. General Blogging.

Niche blogging:

A niche is an area of interest/specialization; it is literally what you intend to be writing about. It is easier to blog about what you ordinarily have passion for; however, you can decide to solve a problem with your blog by selecting a niche to provide relevant updates about what people are really interested in. These are few examples of blog niches on the internet;

–       Fashion

–       Business

–       Jobs

–       Scholarships

–       Health

–       Pets

–       Travel

–       News

–       Politics

–       Movies

–       Music

–       Celebrity Gist etc.

Multiniche blogging:

Multiniche blog is simply a blog that provides information about more than one topic. Multiniche bloggers do not focus on one niche, they talk about two or more topics of interest. These topics should be carefully categorized on your blog for easy navigation by visitors. If your blog is not organized there would be increased bounce rate and no one will return to a blog that is too complicated.

General Blogging:

General Blog is a blog that does not focus on any topic at all, General bloggers talk about anything. This is easier because you don’t need to focus on finding facts about a particular topic every time, however some people may not take you seriously because your bog maybe packed with conflicting information.

All the blog categories have their pros and cons, if you are consistent in posting valuable information you will still rank high on search engines and get traffic.


For a blog to be available on the world wide web, it must be hosted, this means that it must be housed on an internet-based server. Hosting is provided by many independent webhosts either paid or free of charge. You will find details about free or paid domain hosting below:

Blogging with subdomain name:

Sub domain hosting is free of charge, this is because it is part of an already existing domain called the main domain. A sub domain is attached to an already existing domain. For instance, is the main domain, but you can own your own blog by having a subdomain like this This implies that you don’t need to cover any cost to start blogging and you can actually do virtually everything with your blog with a free subdomain name.

The most popular sub domain name providers include,, etc., but our focus here will be on Blogger (just like others) has beautiful features to help you launch your free blog even in 20 minutes.

I have developed a very detailed eBook to help you launch a blog in 20 – 30 minutes and get Google AdSense approval within two weeks.

The eBook will give step by step guide on:

–       Launching a blog

–       Designing your blog to have a professional look.

–       Posting on your blog

–       Tips to start earning from your blog in less than one month

–       How to grow your earnings

–       Step by step guide on how to move from a subdomain to custom domain

–       How to design your custom domain from scratch to finish without necessarily having web design or coding skills.

–       And other money-making opportunities on the internet.

You can request for this eBook by sending an email to or send me a direct message on WhatsApp via +234 0703 881 0043.

Ideally, most blogs last for about six months before getting on search results or even being  approved  by Google AdSense programme. Some blogs don’t even get approval at all, why? because Google has very strict AdSense policy. I started blogging in 2012 and never got AdSense until recently. I made a lot of mistakes, read a lot of books and discovered a lot in the process.

For the purpose of this article, I will give a quick guide on setting up a custom domain; continue reading below;

Blogging with custom domain name:

Custom domain is a domain name system that allows you to own your own website with any name of your choice like,, and the list goes on. This implies that you have full control of your website name unlike having a subdomain like ; you will rather have something like

Custom domains are mostly paid and not free of charge unlike in the case of subdomains

Benefits of owning a custom domain name:

–       It gives your blog or business a cooperate look

–       People tend to take you more seriously

–       You have better chances of getting google approval faster than a blog hosted as a subdomain (but my eBook has fast and proven tricks to get approval even with a subdomain).

–       You can even create other sub domains from your custom domain for instance, if your custom domain name is ; you can still create another subdomain name like my and even more like without paying any extra cost (but this depends on the hosting plan you selected while creating your custom domain).


SEO means Search Engine Optimization; This is an internet-based phrase used to the describe all the processes or tools that helps to make a website or blog popular or to rank high on search engines like google, bing, yahoo etc. When a blog is properly optimized, signals are sent to search engines like Google to index the site. This means that if you properly carryout SEO on your blog, if someone is looking for information that is also on your site, search engine crawls the web and collate search results for the person to choose from. There are many ways to increase the chances of ranking your site on google or bing search results. One ideal way is to use the right key words.

Using keywords:

People use different phrases to ask Google questions when they are searching for information on the internet, Google uses these questions to crawl the world wide web and gather results. This is done in less than one minute (If the user has good internet connection). Google uses key words to gather the information.

The picture above shows how keyword works to give search results

If you are writing a post, think of possible questions that people may ask Google to search for the kind of information you are proving on your blog, this will help google to include your pages on the search result. Key words are very useful in  getting organic traffic.

How to earn from your blog: 

The ultimate and most paying scheme is Google AdSense, Others include affiliate marketing, paid advertising from individuals or companies, promotions, selling digital content etc.

Let’s talk briefly about Google AdSense.

In simple terms, Google AdSense is designed by google for website owners who agree to place adverts on their website, Google in turn pays the blogger or website owner for clicks or impression from site visitors who earn up viewing google advertisement. You can earn up 1,500  monthly and even more  from your blog if you do the right things.

I have developed a very detailed eBook to help you launch a blog in 20 – 30 minutes and get Google AdSense approval within two weeks (Yes 2 weeks, believe it or not, it is working) 

You can request for this eBook by sending an email to or send me a direct message on WhatsApp via +234 0703 881 0043. 

This eBook is already currently selling at 6$ only and it is however fair enough because you will certainly not regret your decision to purchase it. You will get full technical support from my team until you are able to set up your blog and start earning,

Payments can be online with bank cards or direct deposits for those in Nigeria and other African countries.

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