Actress Simbee Davis Accuses MC Galaxy Of Raping Her At Knife Point

Another rape allegation has been made by actress Simbee against singer and songwriter MC Galaxy.

Simbee posted on her instagram page this morning accusing MC Galaxy of rape after he threatened her with a knife.

According to Simbee, this took place between 2009 and 2010, in Calabar Cross River State, when he was still a dancer.

According to Simbee she asked him to teach her how to dance and he agreed after numerous interactions, and he directed her to meet him somewhere which she did.

After rehearsals she thanked him and as she was leaving she discovered the door was locked, and when she turned to ask him why the door was locked, his expression had changed to dark and scary one.

He then asked her to take off her clothes or else he would kill her, she was so scared so she did as he asked and then he raped her.

She said the singer took her to a pharmacy and bought postinor 2 and asked her to take it which she did.

According to actress Simbee she informed her friend about it because she went straight to her friend’s place after the incidence as she was too frightened and embarrassed to tell her brother what had happened.

MC Galaxy is yet to comment on the allegations.

The actress’ post as reported by Informationng.com,


It was at Mount Zion road, calabar, Cross River State, 2009/2010, he was just a dancer then.

I had earlier asked him to teach me dancing, which he obliged me, after several interactions he finally asked me to come meet him somewhere so we could begin practice, I was excited and I went, on reaching there, he said the room belonged to his sister that she permitted him to teach me there, I was thrilled.

After rehearsals, I thanked and bade him goodbye, when I got to d exit I noticed the door was locked and the key was removed, I turned to ask him why he had locked and remove d key, when I looked at him, his face had changed into something else, it was as if a demon had entered him, that was the scariest look I’ve ever seen, there he was, standing with a small knife, he asked me to take off my clothes else he could kill me and lock me in and no one would know where I am, he was right, cos I didn’t tell anyone who he was, so I started crying and begging him but it made him more aggressive, I finally took off my clothes.

He had his way and came inside me, wen he finished he took me to a pharmacy that was on the opposite side of the road, bought postinor 2 and water and made sure I took it in front of him, then he left.

I couldn’t go home cos my brother would know something was wrong and I was too frightened and embarrassed to say anything, so I went to a friend’s place, when I got there she asked what had happened to me and I stood there still for a while and after much persuading I told her the story, she immediately started making calls and said she was going to deal with him, she organized boys to go beat him up and asked me to call him and act as if I wasn’t angry at him, so I could get his location, I did but I think he saw through it cos he knew he had done a bad thing. That was how he escaped till today.

Today I’m not afraid anymore, I have found my voice.

@mcgalaxymcg did me wrong and he should pay.

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