10 profitable business ideas in 2019

In this article, I have put together simple and “easy to start” business ideas that can put food on the table, the most challenging part in starting a business is not the capital but the right information, skills and knowledge of the trade. The first thing to consider is how to be different from your competitors. Make your services unique and let your customers or clients have reason(s) to come back again. Before you  start a business, note that many people are already providing the same product/service.   Starting capital can never be neglected when thinking in the direction of investing, which is why in this article, my focus is on ideas for small starters. Find more details below:

  1. Salon business

Salon business can never go out of style and the services are always needed. The basic services rendered in  every regular salon include  nail care, hair braiding/styling , fixing of eye lashes, make up etc.  However, you need to have the necessary skill set to start. If you are not yet skilled in this area, there is no other option than to learn how to at least do one of the aforementioned things needed to be a beautician visit to know more about starting a Salon or Spa business.  You can do more research on how to open a successful hair salon and find more details about the business.

  1. Laundry services:

People must wear clothes rights? if you agree then you should also know that people will need to wash these clothes, while most people do their laundry by themselves, many other people require the services of a laundry man/women to ease the stress.

Look for a good location and site your business, If you have the required capital to invest in a standard laundry and dry cleaning business , please do your research and go ahead but if you don’t have the required money to start , you may wish to do home delivery; this implies that you will have to visit homes, pick the clothes, wash them and deliver back to the customer. Everybody needs comfort, think about this, if someone will come home to pick your clothes, wash them and deliver back to your house at very affordable cost, will you like it ?, if yes then the good news is that many people also need this kind of service. Some people keep asking questions like  “how do I start a laundry business” Click here to find details about how to open a laundry business.

  1. Food business or food vending:

This is a business that is underrated yet very lucrative, people eat every day, the simple trick on how to start a small food business is to simply locate your audience, do you intend to deliver food to offices, motorcycle or motor parks? consider  this before you start this kind of business. Corporate food vending could be capital intensive but local food or roadside vending  is not expensive to start. You  will definitely need cooking utensils like pots, plates, spoons, a decent shop or kiosk and starting capital to buy ingredients.   Do not hesitate to ask for feedback from customers about the taste of food and how satisfied  they are with your service.

  1. Travel agency:

Travel agency business is very lucrative, this is one business that people have not really explored, starting this business is not as juicy as it may seem but in all it is very lucrative especially when you know what you are doing. It is advisable to get the necessary knowledge and skill   to start rendering this kind of service. Many trainings are available on the internet, this article is just a tip of many other things to consider in starting a travel agency.

  1. Freelance writing:

If you have passion for writing then you can turn your passion to a business opportunity. There many ways to earn from writing, these include but not limited to:

–          Writing for online publishing websites like

–           Blogging: Write valuable content and earn from google AdSense programme.

–          Proofreading: Earn by proof reading other people’s writeups and getting paid for your time.

–          Writing and selling eBooks on the internet Etc.

Visit to discover more on how to earn from freelance writing. They are  many other freelance copywriter jobs available on the website too.

  1. RAGP (Recharge and get paid):

This is a multilevel marketing business where you earn money by recharging your phone via their system. You can earn many commissions from the comfort of your home using your phone. Many people have ventured into this business.

Find more details here

  1. Virtual top up business:

Vitual top up or VTU is another business venture that is lucrative in its own way. You can earn up to 4 percent from airtime sales and data top. This business is done by depositing money into the vendor’s Guarantee Trust Bank account, then the value of the amount will be eventually credited to the merchant/seller’s wallet. You can start with as low as 5000 naira or less (I think so).  To start dial *2018# and follow the instructions.

  1. Social media marketing:

Social media a free tool to market products/services at no cost except you want to run paid ads. If you have up to 1000 friends on your list then you can be sure of turning at least 20 to 50 percent of them to customers (if you do a research and select good products or service of interest). Unfortunately social media is used for fun only by many. It is the safest place to sell (although buying on social media has some level of risk anyway) but as a seller, make sure you receive payment before shipping the product or rendering any service. Many courses/guides are available online on how to create social media marketing strategy and increase sales

Click here  do a fast check.

  1. Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing is simply the art of getting paid for referring people to patronize another people’s businesses. Meaning you don’t have to own a business to earn. Many businesses run affiliate programs, (do your due diligence check to avoid Ponzi schemes). Check popular sites like amazon, ebay, jumia, konga and many more to find out the specific requirements to get started  and their respective compensation arrangements .

  1. Blogging:

Blogging is a very good way to earn a living but it takes hard work and persistence. First you need to know how to set up a blog or hire someone to help out. You can host a free blog on blogger or WordPress. Google pays for ads placed on your blog,

These are the basic things needed  to apply for Google AdSense:

  • A website/blog
  • Original content
  • Good site navigation
  • Privacy policy and contact information

If you always have good traffic on your blog, you can earn a lot of money from your site.


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